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The 2021 Umpire Placement Course is a seven-day instructional, evaluation and placement course. Baseball umpires that attend are eligible for placement into the Northwoods League, American Association, West Coast League, and more for the 2021 season. Our course will have 30+ umpire positions available for placement for the upcoming season.

The course will begin on February 1, 2021 and finish February 8, 2021. It will be held at the Buck O'Neil Baseball Complex at Twin Lakes Park in Sarasota, FL. Often referred to as "Birdland South", the complex is home to the Baltimore Orioles Spring Training and Florida Operations.

The initial days of this course will primarily focus on classroom sessions, mechanics training, and on field drills, as well as rotations and umpire responsibilities. This will also include instruction on managing advanced game situations. The remaining days of our course will be mainly devoted to the evaluation of student performance and the selection of qualified umpires for placement into the Northwoods League, American Association, West Coast League, and more for the 2021 season. You will have the opportunity to work live games during the evaluation portion of the course. There will include continued advanced training during this time on specific areas such as; league administrative responsibilities, off field behavior and protocol, ejections, and league directives to prepare you for the season.


We aim to provide advanced training for umpires that attend our program, so they are best equipped for placement, as well as professional and collegiate baseball. Our instruction, field work, and mechanics training are all designed to improve umpire mechanics and to equip each umpire with greater confidence while on the field. The staff of instructors and curriculum we have put together will assist every umpire in attendance, regardless of your ability. We want to help you become the best umpire you can be.


Our placement course staff includes MLB, MiLB, NCAA umpires and Professional Umpire School instructors.

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UPC's purpose is meant to be an advanced extension of training you received during umpire school, or from your current umpiring ability. Umpires will be trained and evaluated using similar criteria, as well as hiring standards that are used for umpires in professional and collegiate baseball. You will be evaluated of course, based on on-field performance. Good judgment on plays and managing game situations is crucial, as well as baseball instincts, timing, and on field positioning while working the 3 umpire system. Additional things our staff is seeking are poise, demeanor, and the ability to recover from advanced game situations or adversity while umpiring. Our staff will provide real time, instant verbal feedback based on your performance during the course, as well as written evaluations upon completion. Our goals are to make an umpires strengths stronger and to improve upon their weaknesses. We want you to be the best umpire you can be.

Each umpire at the completion of the umpire placement course will meet with our staff for individual evaluation of your current ability, and given a decision if they will be placed into the Northwoods League, American Association, West Coast League, and more for the 2021 season.

2021 Course Tuition Information

Umpire School Student: $475

Standard: $575

Lunch Meal Plan: $85 

*Balance Due at registration. This discounted umpire school student tuition above is only available to umpire school students who have registered for and will be attending the Wendelstedt School for Umpires or MiLB Umpire Training Academy in 2021. Proof of umpire school registration required once you have registered for the Umpire Placement Course.

*You must make your own lodging reservation through our host hotel's room block or elsewhere.

*Earlier enrollment enables us to guarantee hotel availability and adequate staffing.

*All Payments including the Lunch Meal Plan are Non-Refundable.

Lodging Information

The 2021 Umpire Placement Course will be held February 1-8 in Sarasota, Florida at the Comfort Suites Sarasota-Siesta Key and the Buck O'Neil Baseball Complex at Twin Lakes Park. Rooms are available on a limited basis through the Comfort Suites Sarasota-Siesta Key (includes full hot breakfast daily, complimentary WiFi). They are first come, first serve and are at a discounted rate of:


$56.00 per day - Double Occupancy

$112.00 per day - Single Occupancy

*(Above rates include tax, full hot breakfast daily, complimentary WiFi for Umpire Placement Course students).

To make your reservations, you can do it online by going to our exclusive page that the hotel has set up: 

Comfort Suites Sarasota-Siesta Key, or contact the staff of the Comfort Suites Sarasota-Siesta Key at (941) 554-4475. Full hot breakfast provided, laundry facilities are also available. Mention “Umpire Placement Course 2020” when making reservations.

This rate is only guaranteed until January 25, 2021. Umpires typically room with another umpire to split the cost of the room, which makes the above double occupancy rate very affordable. If you are interested in finding a roommate to pair with, please contact us at jwhite@umpcourse.com once you have registered for the course. We are happy to assist pairing you up with a roommate.


You will receive professional umpire training and the opportunity for placement for the 2021 season, as well as:

  • Affordable lodging rates for duration of the Umpire Placement Course.

  • Hot Full Breakfast daily at host hotel.

  • Student ID Badge.

  • Umpire Placement Course Student Manual.

  • 8 Days of Professional Instruction from MiLB Umpires and Professional Umpire School Instructors w/Special Guests.

  • Over 60 Hours of Instruction and Evaluation (9am-5pm Daily).

  • Receive individual and group instruction on the 3-umpire system.

  • Work live games (pending weather). You will receive instant feedback from our instructors.

  • Receive individual plate instruction utilizing pitching machines.

  • Understand and develop a consistent strike zone.

  • Receive instruction on positioning, timing, voice and signals when working the plate and bases.

  • Develop methods for handling situations at the professional and collegiate level.

  • Examine and apply OBR and NCAA Rules as well as interpretations.

  • Analyze the philosophy towards professional and collegiate umpiring; including attitude, appearance and advancement.

What to Bring

  • Black/Blue Jersey's, plate & base pants, hat, jacket (optional).

  • Chest protector, leg guards, mask, protective cup, ball bag(s), indicator, plate brush.

  • Baseball Glove.

  • Cell Phone or Tablet with video recording capabilities, notepad, pen/pencil.

  • OBR Rule book, NCAA Rule book, CCA Manual (optional items).

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