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The Umpire Placement Course (UPC) offers some of the most advanced umpire educational training camps for umpires in the country – our camps are geared towards teaching the skills required for High School., NCAA level games, Summer Collegiate Baseball, and Professional Baseball in MLB Partner Leagues.

Our umpire training courses and camps are scheduled throughout the country in differences parts of the year. We offer a 9-day training and evaluation course in Fort Pierce, FL at the Lawnwood Baseball Complex each spring. Additionally, we offer 2, 3 and 4-day clinics located throughout the country. Our umpire education and training centers on the 2 and 3 Umpire Systems, as well as specific camps focused on Plate Work.

The curriculum and philosophy we utilize consists of comprehensive classroom discussions of mechanics and techniques, utilization of the MiLBUD Mechanics Manuals, NCAA Baseball Rules, CCA Manual Mechanics, Strike Zone Refinement, On-Field Situations, Crew Dynamics, Crew Communication, Plate and Base Work, as well as Field Work and Drills/Simulated Live Games and Situations. During some of our courses and clinics, we do assign live games with evaluations of on-field performance once your innings are completed, provided to you by our instructors. 

The staff of instructors we offer includes MiLB Umpires, Professional Umpire School Instructors, and veteran NCAA Umpires. These qualified and well trained instructors with years of umpiring experience are committed to your development as an umpire, regardless of what level you umpire, and to furthering your career. 



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