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Q: What does the course cost?

A: Course Tuition for the entire week is only $525 for Wendelstedt Umpire School and MLB Umpire Prospect Development Camp students, $525 for Active Duty or Retired Military Veterans, and $695 for umpires not attending Wendelstedt Umpire School or the MLB Umpire Prospect Development Camp. Your lodging is additional if staying in our host hotel. If you factor in the Professional Umpire staff we have assembled, the on field training and live games, amenities, and opportunity for placement into MLB Partner Leagues, and summer collegiate baseball leagues, you can’t beat the price at any other camp or clinic in the country. We're here to offer opportunities for your development as an umpire.

Q: What leagues will you have positions available for at the 2024 course?

A: We will have positions available in the American Association, Frontier League, Atlantic League,
Northwoods League, West Coast League, and Mid-America League for the 2024 season.

Q: What are the chances of getting placed into one of the leagues?

A: We make no guarantees. Attending UPC is a job interview, as positions are based on each umpire's individual ability. However, with multiple leagues having positions available, our high placement rates ensure you will have a good chance of getting placed if the necessary skills and requirements are met.

In 2019, 55 umpires attended UPC. 47 umpires were offered positions. In 2020 66 umpires attended UPC. 49 umpires were offered positions. That comes to an over 75% placement rate. No other camp or clinic in the country has a placement rate higher than us. We are the standard in umpire placement into summer collegiate and independent professional baseball. 

Q: If my goal is be invited to the MLB Umpire Prospect Development Camp and begin a career as a Minor League Umpire, how will working the 3-Umpire System help me?

A: The 3-Umpire System builds off of the 2-Umpire System. Quite often, you will still be using the 2-Umpire System. You will easily find that once you have worked the 3-Umpire System, reverting back to 2-Umpire System will be quite an easy transition. Additionally, we place umpires into leagues that utilize both the 2 and 3 umpire systems. 

Q: What if I can’t afford to pay for the camp ahead of time?

A: Not a problem. We ask that once you register, you pay a deposit to secure your spot, and to have the balance paid in full prior to or at check in before our opening session on February 1.

Q: Is there a cap on enrollment and when is the deadline to register?

A: Yes. February 2.

Q: What should I bring?

A: Required: All of your umpire gear (plate gear and protective cup included), plate and base shoes, rule books, and a baseball glove (for drills and camp games). Also bring pens/pencils, notebooks. 

Q: What uniforms should I bring to umpire my live games in?

A: Preferably black umpire jersey's and jackets. However, if you do not have black bring whatever you have. In the classroom you will wear base pants and a jersey/jacket/shirt you bring with you. For the course,  you will wear a jersey/jacket/shirt during our on field drills and for the duration of the course. You must have a jersey and cap to work live games.

Q: Do I have to stay at the course hotel? What if I am able to commute?

A: No! We offer the low hotel rates as part of our way to help keep your lodging costs down. If you are commuting you do not have to stay at the hotel.

Q: Is ground transportation provided for those of us who fly in?

A: No. Ground transportation is not provided.

Q: Will my meals be provided?

A: Breakfast: Provided daily at the host hotel for students who book lodging with our host hotel.

Lunch: You are responsible for lunch during the course. 

Rest Breaks: The days we are on the field for drills and live games, you will have breaks. Please bring water/snacks/sports drinks to ensure you stay hydrated.

Dinner: You are responsible for dinner during the course. 

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