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The top candidates from the 2020 session of the Umpire Placement Course will be offered positions to umpire in the Northwoods League, American Association, West Coast League, Prospect League, Pecos League, and other leagues with available positions that have partnered with us for 2020.

Below is a list of details that any umpire who is attending the course will need to know:

  • Check-in for the Umpire Placement Course is February 3, 2020, and continues with our Opening Session at 6:30 p.m.

  • Umpires are responsible for their own accommodations for the duration of the Umpire Placement Course. We have negotiated a low preferred rate with a local hotel, although umpires are welcome to make arrangements on their own.

  • Umpires are required to obtain their own transportation during their time at the Umpire Placement Course.

  • When purchasing flights for the Umpire Placement Course, you should purchase a ticket with a Feb. 11 departure date. Please plan a mid-afternoon flight at the earliest on Feb. 11, as final evaluations will begin at 8 a.m.

  • Professional dress attire is recommend for check in, and final evaluations.

  • To be offered a position in the Northwoods League, American Association, West Coast League, Prospect League, Pecos League, and other leagues we have partnered with, completion of the Umpire Placement Course is required (Umpires in the MiLB Advanced Course are not subject to this requirement). Umpires must meet a minimum of 1 of the following requirements for placement consideration; 3 years of NFHS (Varsity Level) or High School aged baseball, be a Graduate of an approved MiLB Umpire Development (Wendelstedt Umpire School/ MiLB Umpire Training Academy) Umpire School, previous Professional Baseball or Summer Collegiate League experience, or 1 year of collegiate umpiring. Any umpire can attend our training and placement course, these above requirements are specifically for umpires seeking placement into any of our leagues that have partnered with us.

  • Candidates must have the following if offered placement:

    • Valid Driver’s License

    • Valid Vehicle Registration (if crew driver)

    • Valid Auto Insurance (if crew driver)

    • Health Insurance (personal or on family's)

    • Valid United States Passport

    • Social Security Card        

    • Insurable to drive an automobile (American Association Only)         

    • Pass a Background Check (American Association Only)                                

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