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what is the umpire placement course

The Umpire Placement Course is an instructional, evaluation and league placement course held in Fort Pierce, Florida. Since the inception of the Umpire Placement Course, our goals have been to enhance umpire career development and training, and place umpires into independent and summer collegiate baseball leagues. Whether you're an umpire school graduate, collegiate umpire, or seeking to further your development and learn the 3 umpire system, we can help achieve your goals. Currently in Minor League Baseball, 1 out of every 7 umpires in MiLB have umpired in the Northwoods League, with many more working in the American Association, as well as our other partner leagues.

Our Story

It's not about being average. It's about helping you become the best umpire you can be, and making your dreams a reality. Instruction and league placement with a purpose, to serve you. What does instruction and placement mean to you? To us, it means a dedication to fully understand your needs and desires as an umpire who is about to make one of the most significant career decisions of their umpiring lives. At the Umpire Placement Course, we don't just focus on just the basics. We focus on you. Your goals. What truly drives you. 

There will not always be another time in your life where you have the time to commit to your development as an umpire. That time is now.

Here at the Umpire Placement Course, we focus on the instruction and league placement opportunities you seek, knowing we can serve you in ways by speaking to what is most important to you -- your development and career on the field. Nothing is more important to us than making sure our league supervisors and MiLB instructors help you become the best umpire you can be, and to refine your strengths. But that is the easy part. After all, umpiring is fun anyway. What's not so easy is putting the work in, and committing to the process. In the sincerest of ways, we can change your path in umpiring for the better by improving your abilities through professional instruction and advanced training methods, in addition to providing opportunities to umpire in the top independent and summer collegiate leagues based in the Unites States and North America. 


Make the right call and let us help serve your umpiring career. 

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February 1-9, 2024

Lawnwood Baseball Complex

Ft. Pierce, FL

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