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AT UPC, student and staff safety is paramount. As such, we have taken the necessary steps to do our part to stay safe. The below guidelines will be in place until the COVID-19 pandemic has been eradicated and/or mandates have ceased. (Subject to change)

-We recommend and advise all staff and students to have a recent, negative COVID-19 test administered within 72 hours of arrival or be fully vaccinated.

-Masks/and or Neck Gaiters are to be worn at all times when in close contact.
-Social distancing efforts will be in effect indoors and outdoors at all times.

-No more than 2 students are to lodge together at any time for the duration of UPC.

-Masks/and or Neck Gaiters will be worn before, during, and in-between live games, as well as before, during, and in-between on-field drills, as well as classroom sessions. When drinking fluids/eating, Masks/and or Neck Gaiters may be pulled down.

-A mandatory ZOOM Meeting prior to arrival to review COVID-19 protocols will be held.

-Prior to using baseball gloves, helmets, we ask that you sanitize your hands. UPC will provide this.

-No water/water coolers for on-field drills, live games, or classroom sessions will be provided. We ask that you bring a personal, labeled water bottle.

-We recommend that 14 days prior to arrival at UPC, that you limit any contact that would be deemed risky in nature that would increase your odds of being infected with COVID-19 and putting students and staff at risk.

-We will hold daily temperature checks upon arrival for classroom sessions, on-field drills, and live games. Any student with a temperature reading above 99.0 will be sent home for the day. UPC Staff will do its best to locate a free, rapid result testing site should you experience multiple COVID-19 symptoms.

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